Improving all areas of your education 

We aim to garner the very best improvements and new insights in order to cement our teaching and learning experience for our students and prepare them for their future careers. 

You will Flourish

Education is both exciting and challenging - and to most, every day school learning isn't enough to achieve academic and personal potentials. STAR programme is tailored to closely support your school learning and prepare you to perform exceptionally in your tests and exams. Over 40+ years of cumulative teaching, we have identified exact areas students find demanding and reasons why they achieve less. Read more in our blog post for why STAR will make your Bs and Cs into As, and why must invest your time with us. 

Driven and Motivated

Hearing our aims to enhance your understanding of the subjects and boost your grades all sounds great, but everything ultimately boils down to you - your work ethic and motivation to succeed. Let's face it - not many students really like to study hard and in most cases, only do the bare minimum. Unfortunately, this really isn't enough to achieve - which is why, we've designed STAR to give you that extra push and show how important this is - read more about why delivering the curriculum and examination syllabus isn't simply enough!

Smart Teachers

If you read about top schools in the UK or leading tuition companies, you will find that they're all equipped with 'top teachers'. There's no surprise that we'll do the same - but what sets us apart? The reality is that no words can set any teachers or anything apart! Think about it - how would you know how good a restaurant is before you experience it? 1 free consultation AND trial is our way of showing you why STAR and our teachers are special. Meanwhile, you can still read about our teachers and our reviews.

Learn from Anywhere

Our students have come from all over the world - from Cardiff, Cheltenham and London to Dubai, Jakarta, HK and Seoul! This is why we currently offer online lessons* via zoom so that you have complete flexibility. You now have the joy and freedom of enrolling with STAR from anywhere in the world! Online lessons may seem tough but our STAR will make the most of it - together.  


*If you wish to meet us in person though, we do have face to face lessons in Cambridge (in England, not Massachusetts!)

Time Management

Time is something we don't normally think about in our lives, especially when you're young. But time is all we have and we are always fighting against time - test dates and deadlines, you name them. This is why is why we will make sure you can manage it effectively and efficiently. STAR is unique in a way that it will allow you to be more efficient by being in control of how you spend your time - both in terms of fully understanding your subjects and maximising study time so that you can finally have a deserved, true free time! 

24/7 Support

Do you find yourself struggling to understand a topic, a theory or a concept when revising? When doing an assignment, homework or essays? Most of the students do and when this block happens you immediately lose all interest and motivation. Schools won't always help you and even if they do, it's too late or too slow. We know lack of support or recognition can be very frustrating - especially when you come across challenging concepts or questions. STAR will not only relieve you of this stress but also improve your learning by allowing you to contact us when you're stuck - anytime, may that be nights, Sundays and even bank holidays! 

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