What is STAR?

STAR is an all-in-one programme designed by our specialists to develop all the necessary skills and prepare you for your future  - one step at a time. Below is what's included in our STAR programme.

10% off Lessons

Any lessons you have with us (school subject, special, preparatory), you will receive a 10% discount! There will be further savings if you have regular lessons or choose more subjects! 

Once-A-Week Check Ups

Our pastoral teacher will check up on you for your weekly school progress - homework, tests or changes in your life, we'll keep in touch and have you covered!  


Accurate assessment and correct diagnosis are vital for your improvement and choosing the right classes. Our experts will make sure you receive the right help!

Yellow Card System

Our experiences tell us that you need a little push and pull. Our yellow card system is simple - 3 yellow cards of warning and then we'll bring in the big guns (i.e. your parents!). This is your motivation.

Level Test

Our unique level tests are designed to assess your knowledge in the subject - don't worry, this is for our eyes only. Our level tests will exact and pinpoint your weaknesses precisely and how to improve!


We believe in the best care for our students - those who need extra guidance or who are away from their parents. Any issues or difficulties in or outside of school, we're here to help 24/7. Worry-free.


Revision isn't simply about remembering what you've learnt - it's about better answering exam questions and boosting your confidence. Our programmes will ensure your revision gets done. 

Special Courses

Wishing to become a doctor? A scientist? An economist? An artist?  Our add-on special courses will complement your school learning and prepare you to succeed. Click here to see more.

Peace of Mind

Message to the parents: over years of teaching, we realised that many students feel alone or helpless at school. We shall provide the care and help they need - now, your children are in safe hands 

Need extra help?

Our STAR programme does not include lessons - our tutors will assess the stage of your education and identify areas you need to focus the most on. Some of you may want to have lessons during the weekends or on holidays. Many of our students however have 1 or 2 weekly lessons to keep up with the pace of rigorous school work -  but it's entirely up to you, and you can talk to our subject experts and they can advise you on choosing the best times and duration of  1-to-1 lessons to support you best. What's more, as you have already enrolled on STAR programme, these lessons are priced very competitively - 10% off or more of all your lessons! Find out more here.

Start now with a free consultation

Tell us what stage you are at and what you need. We'll do the rest!