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Our Founders

Integrity. Gratitude. Courage.
and Hope.

To educate, to lead and to inspire.

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"Choosing to study with us, isn't simply about improving your grades. You will spend time with us, learn, discuss, laugh and debate about the wider world, and it is with us, that will inspire you to flourish beyond the comfort zones. It is our goal to shape you into a fundamentally respectful and moral individual who demonstrates integrity and positivity."

Our Head

"We make decisions based on the absolute best for our students and we pledge to stand firm against any factors that may interfere with our vision."


Peter S. K. Kim

DipABRSM | BSc | PhD (Cantab) | MIBMS | MRSB | MRSC

Dr Peter Kim was educated at St John's College in Cardiff, the capital of Wales and achieved, at the time, a record 13 GCSEs, 11 of them being A*. He went onto study, another record at the time, 6 subjects at AS-Level, and ultimately obtained a PhD in Biochemistry at the University of Cambridge.

His first teaching subject was music - as a piano tutor at the RWCMD at the age of 14. His passion in music allowed him to strive in piano performance and compositions, performing Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5 'Emperor' at 14 and composing a full symphony at 15. He helped many music students along the way and found it extremely rewarding - which led him to teach the sciences as he embarked on a career in research. He decided to be more involved in one-to-one lessons and was appointed the head of Strategy and Planning at CEC Academy, before founding his own company, Veribera in 2020.
Dr Peter's other loves of his life are his family, football and fast cars.


Our Vision

We live in a world where we are challenged more than ever before to display compassion, benevolence and unity. It is our mission and our vision to prepare all our students for this world.

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