Special Courses

These courses are 'add-on' courses that complement STAR - they run only for a term, a weekend, or during holidays. Our special courses are designed by STAR tutors for certain stages of education that requires extra help - such as medicine/dentistry/pharmacy applications, UCAS applications, interviews and personal statement. Our programmes will support you in every part of your journey.


Lent Half Term Revision Course for AS-Level

Duration: TBC

Start of a new year can be daunting - long Christmas holidays have magically made you forget everything!

You will also find that there's a jump in the level of learning from GCSEs and it gets harder- our revision course will make sure you stay on track and cement knowledge.

Course Benefits

  • Improve your understanding of topics

  • Catch up on missed work

  • Prep exam-style questions for tests

  • 2 Level Test - before and after the break

  • Homework guidance

Lent Term Medicine Interview Course for A2-Level

Duration: TBC

Designed by real doctors who have gone through the process of their medicine journey, and are currently practising medicine in the UK. Make the most of your winter holidays to prepare yourself for the most important and demanding hurdle in medicine application. All the strategies, advice and tips you need to prepare for your interview! Read more.

Course Benefits

  • Traditional and MMI styles

  • Course designed by real doctors

  • Real questions from actual past interviews 

  • 2 mock interviews - before and after course

  • Future guidance

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